Thursday, 12 December 2013

Book Lovers & Bibliophiles Get Discounts For Sharing

  Latvian based platform Sellfy have made it possible to buy digital content direct from source, with a twist. Content creators like myself or the garage rock group downstairs or the photographer next door can opt to offer a discount to their buyers.  All the buyer needs to do to immediately receive the discount is share the page on Facebook or Twitter!
  As an indie writer I love this concept!  I can reward my fans with lower prices and get visibility from their purchases!  As a buyer I love this concept!  I can buy new material, eBooks, music, images, sound files etc and get a discount just for hitting the share button.

  As a content provider the fee I pay is just 5% or my retail price.  This is a massive saving over the amazonian giant which takes up to 65% of the retail price.  Even taking into account the large fee PayPal levy (20p plus a %!!!) I can still make a sizeable saving to pass on to my fans and still earn a little more.

  I have just posted Warhorn - Sons of Iberia to the site and hope to will explore more features and apps.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Iberian Lynx in Warhorn - Sons of Iberia

Amongst the first thing I did when I had firmed up my conviction to begin this book and series was to research the fauna and flora of the Iberian peninsular.
Iberia has a massive variety due to the changes in terrain from mountains to coastal plains.  I have never been to either Spain or Portugal to enjoy the obvious beauty of the land - a situation I hope to change before too much longer.
I was trying to come up with an animal that would have made an impression on the largely agrarian people who would have lived off the land back in 219 BC.  Apart from wolves I did not think Europe let alone Iberia had any large carnivores.
Happily I couldn't have been more wrong!  There are still five large carnivores present in Europe:  The wolf, lynx, Iberian lynx, brown bear and wolverine.
Well the Iberian lynx leapt right out at me - sorry I had to put that in!!  This would be perfect for the tale as it is a charismatic feline and the people of Iberia would certainly have been familiar with it.  Further research quickly revealed that while the Iberian lynx still exists, it is critically endangered.  There are only about 300 of these cats left in the wilds of Iberia.  That's horrifying!
I have therefore resolved to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Warhorn - Sons of Iberia to Fauna & Flora International who are doing sterling work in protecting the Iberian lynx through a program whereby they are restoring the environment for the lynx.  This has the added benefit of assisting many other creatures as well.
So for every eBook copy of Warhorn purchased from Amazon and Smashwords 10 pence will go to FFI.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hi Folks,

Well 2 years of intermittent writing and my first historical novel is nearing completion.  I'm happy to say that WARHORN is coming to a eReader near you this December!!

There have been a ton of 14 hour days and late nights mixed with cotton-eyed mornings, but every step has been fun, fun, fun.  It's terrifying how fast time goes in my studio aka wordmill.

Tell us about the book I hear you demand.  Sorry, yes about the book.  We pretty much all know about Hannibal Barca and his storming the Alps with a herd of elephants right?  There is so much more to this story though and while the 2nd Punic War will be a theme in WARHORN, Hannibal is not the central character.  Instead I have opted to make Caros, a young man, native to Iberia, the hero.
Through his eyes you will read about how his people, the Bastetani of Iberia, get caught up in Hannibal's quest.  From his point of view you will see how events unfolded in 219 BC which led to Hannibal's epic tale. Let me stress right away this is not a political dissection of events.  This is a story about people.

WARHORN could be called a 'swords and sandals' historical fiction novel.  There is plenty of action and I hope the drama of those times will give you an insight into the obscure lives of ordinary Iberians.  I certainly spent many hours pulling details from various historical works.  WARHORN does not tell of Hannibal's epic journey, the book concludes before this, but never mind as Caros will be back to serve in the sequel.

Keep watching this space for the release date.  I will be releasing the book on and .com this December and the initial price will be zilch.  Whowhaa - you read that right, for 5 days this book will be priced as FREE.  There is a very lucid reason for this - I want to hear your thoughts on the book by way of little ittybitty gold stars and a couple of lines on Amazon's review page.  As an indie author this is a make or break thing and reviews are vital so please download and review asap once the book becomes available.

Thank you in advance :)